Hi! You may know me as pongo1231. I work on various stuff, usually game mods but also standalone programs and contributions on all kinds of random projects. I also do sysadmin things like setting up and maintaining Linux systems and running game servers and self-written backend services.

Here are a couple of notable projects I worked on:

Chaos Mod for Grand Theft Auto V

Chaos Mod is a popular Grand Theft Auto V mod where every 30 seconds a random effect occurs in-game. The mod features around 350 unique effects, extensive configurability using a GUI program, Twitch voting support, a workshop for users to upload their own effects and sounds with a completely self-written frontend and backend, and more! The mod has been and is still being played by many content creators, including major ones. I am the creator and current maintainer of it.

Gold 3D Framework

A small toy 3D framework / game engine written in C++ showcasing drawing models with OpenGL, a basic game loop, primitive physics, shaders and scripting integration with Lua.

Minigames Gamemode for FiveM

A prototype for a minigames server for the FiveM platform for Grand Theft Auto V. Includes automatic round handling, choosing a random gamemode for each round with multiple already built in, handling multiple maps and general robustness in managing a multiplayer scenario with up to 24 players. Was meant to also be extended to support external extensions for additional gamemodes and maps and a custom built-in map editor.

Script Viewer for Grand Theft Auto V

An in-game menu built with ImGUI to display, pause, profile and start game scripts.

Outside of those I also worked on many other projects, either as contributor to existing projects or as own creations. Take a look at my GitHub profile for more.


My other FiveM stuff
My TF2 servers

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